Mission and Values

Hilliard Lyons’ Investment Banking Group is dedicated to maximizing value and liquidity for its privately held and publicly traded clients. The firm provides expert merger and acquisition and corporate finance services to companies within a variety of industries and sizes throughout the region.

Our core tenets include:

Service:  We are able to offer the same level of service and attention to middle-market companies that Wall Street firms offer to their largest clients.

A Customized Process:  We tailor our process for every transaction to ensure clients achieve their specific objectives while maximizing shareholder value.

Establishing Expectations:  We perform due diligence and preliminary valuation work prior to an engagement to make certain client expectations are aligned with market value.

Confidentiality:  Our tightly managed process protects client’s sensitive information.

Objectivity:  Our commitment is to the client alone.  We are not bound by pre-existing relationships with prospective buyers and financing sources that might leave the client wondering, “Who is my advisor working for?”

Aligned Incentives:  Flexible and contingency-based fee structures align our incentives with the client.

Maximizing Value:  Our ability to create competition among interested buyers and financing sources within a controlled process maximizes pricing and terms of a transaction.