Open Portal Solutions acquired by Appriss, Inc.

Open Portal Solutions acquired by Appriss Inc.
Industry: Software-as-a-Service Provider
Role: Sell Side Advisor
Appriss, a leading provider of public safety and information services, has acquired Open Portal Solutions (OPS), a Greenwood, Indiana-based company specializing in public information document and content management solutions for government and private-industry clients.
OPS, a closely held private software-as-a-service firm, enables states to more efficiently manage data reporting processes from initial documentation through retrieval and disbursement via secure online portals.

"Open Portal Solutions has built a strong, self-funded business model that allows revenue growth during a time when states are facing financial hardships," said Appriss CEO Michael Davis. "OPS's combination of solutions that create revenue opportunities for state and local governments, combined with Appriss' experience and nationwide network of relationships, should provide a powerful platform to offer to our existing and new government customers."

Hilliard Lyons served as the exclusive sell-side advisor to OPS through a confidential, competitive process that began by identifying a targeted list of both strategic and financial buyers. Transaction considerations included equity recapitalizations, 100% sale, stock mergers, and combinations thereof. In the end, the strong strategic fit created the optimal opportunity for both Open Portal Solutions and its acquiror - Appriss.

About Appriss:
Appriss currently manages more than 65 different criminal justice programs in 48 states. Its services include VINE®, the nation’s first automated victim information and notification service, and OffenderNet the nation’s largest near real-time data network of incarcerated persons. Appriss also provides the National Precursor Log Exchange (NPLEX) which is used by over 25,000 US pharmacies and thousands of law enforcement investigators to track the purchase over the counter cold medicine containing pseudoephedrine.
About OPS:
OPS is a leading partner of state and local government providing technology solutions that manage the distribution of public information. OPS is headquartered in Greenwood with satellite offices in Fishers, Indiana; Frankfort, Kentucky; and Nashville, Tennessee.
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