Financial Reporting and Purchase Price Allocation Valuation Services

Today’s environment of complex fair value reporting standards and heightened regulatory scrutiny requires strong valuation skills and experience. Hilliard Lyons’ business valuation professionals have successfully assisted companies in recording the fair value of business acquisitions under ASC 805. Under ASC 350 and ASC 360, we have assisted companies in assessing the impairment of acquired assets. 

Our approach to fair value measurement begins with a full consultation with the client’s financial team as well as with the acquiring company’s auditors.  Successful engagements require a significant degree of communication with all parties as the engagement proceeds. Although we are not fixed asset appraisers, we work closely with these professionals to implement a comprehensive solution to reporting for purchase price allocation or for impairment testing. 

Intangible asset valuation is often a significant aspect of fair value accounting.  We have substantial experience in intangible asset valuation, including the following:

Customer related

  • Customer relationships
  • Contracts in process
  • Customer lists 

Technology based

  • Patents and trade secrets
  • In process R&D
  • Proprietary processes and databases

Contract based

  • Franchise agreements
  • Employment contracts and non-compete agreements
  • Purchase and supply agreements

Marketing related

  • Trademark and trade names
  • Websites